Property Management Laws in Florida

For more than 20 years, Property First, Inc. has provided top-notch property management services in Florida. Beth Palmer of Property First, Inc. is an expert in property management and fully brushed up on Florida’s property management laws.

To help answer some questions pertaining to property management law in Florida, Beth Palmer shares her knowledge.

Is a real estate broker’s license required for a property management company in Florida?

Yes, many aspects of property management fall under real estate activity when it comes to existing Florida real estate licensing laws. There is no property management license or certificate, per se, so a broker license is a must-have for any property manager that is paid by commission and is handling rentals and leases for other people. However, a broker’s license is not required for managing personally owner properties. Some rental properties will also require a license through the Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

Are there any exceptions to the real estate broker’s license requirement in Florida?

Yes, one exception is if a property owner employs someone to manage their property and pays them a salary instead of on a commission or transactional basis. Then a real estate broker’s license is not required. It is important to always make sure a property manager is properly licensed before hiring them. You can check the license status of Florida property managers at the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Licensee Search website. Beth Palmer in Florida and Property First Inc. can be your first search.

Do Florida community association managers need a real estate broker’s license?

The answer here is no, but a community association manager license is required if the community association manager is receiving compensation for their management services. However, this is only the case for the following types of associations:

  • An association with ten or more units
  • An association with a budget of $100,000 or greater